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Hi Guys,

OOW was the trip of a lifetime. Watching Oracle USA win the cup with Ben Ainslie was great, as was watching Larry’s keynote live. Columnar in memory DB looks interesting and competition for Hana.

I presented at the excellent Delphix event with OakTable, and picked up some good information to finalise some more book chapters.

It was good to meet Steven Karam as we had a discussion about ALTER USER IDENTIFIED BY VALUES bypassing account expiry. This is a security loophole in my experience, as it will enable legacy app account owners to avoid renewing their passwords if the Prod DBA expires them.

Off to Hacktivity tomorrow in Hungary to give a talk there on Friday 11th October at 12.40pm

I will discuss some of the 12c research which is going into the book, which includes new privilege escalations and a new solution to block all incoming database links, which I am quite pleased with.

More details at hacktivity. See you there!

P.S. Amazon is taking pre-orders I note

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