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Another Java Security Alert

Hi Oracle Security Folks,

Following the tradition for one off Java Security Alerts
Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts:

Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2013-1493:

The reporters say it is an unreliable exploit. Of course it depends on Java being used in the browser so one fix is to unplug the JVM from the browser.

For the past ten years I have only used Java as a server side technology,, where it is actually making leaps and bounds. I had the pleasure of taking an Oracle Professional Training class on Java 7 new features recently and there are some very nice concurrency features that make separating and delegating tasks a lot easier to accomplish. This has made Java the predominant language of choice for Universities, and also increased the usage of Netbeans IDE which I have found to be more stable than Eclipse and certainly better for writing JDBC applications. My point is that I think the technologists at Oracle are actually doing quite a good job with Java…back to the DB now in prep for 12c..excitement mounts..


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