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Exadata day ~ ISSD prep and Sentrigo Webinar

Just came back from the Oracle Exadata day where there were some well honed presentation skills on offer. The general message seemed to be that Exadata V2 is bigger and better hardware with faster flash memory, but for general purposes can be regarded as being as a bigger 11g/OEL box. It is certainly more secure as no one is going to run off with it.

The Golden Gate presentation was interesting and discussed a new feature called Veridata which allows real time active DB comparison in order to see if a DB copy process has worked correctly. I was interested in how GG syncs the point of state-comparison and apparently this is done using an CSN which interleaves with the Oracle SCN to give a universal machine number. GG comes “free” with Active Data Guard so I think this is going to take off quite rapidly. From a security perspective, protecting the integrity of the Golden Gate sounds fertile ground, so have that on the list of todos after my ISSD presentation at 10.15 this Friday morning.
Putting the finishing touches to said presentation and there is some new content that I am quite pleased with about how to fix new unpatched Oracle software security vulnerabilities using DB application monitoring, which enables quicker SDLC and lower risk changes to Production. Saving money and lowering risk so should be a win win.

Lastly Sentrigo have kindly invited me to speak on a Webinar on the different subject of privilege monitoring

Securely Recording The Use of Privilege in Oracle Databases
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM BST

Looking forward to speaking to you at one of the above in the near future.


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