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JAVA$POLICY$ Past Exploitation Check

Hello Oracle Security interested folks, Firstly thanks to Oracle for referencing my Oracle Wallet article on as well as the interesting comments from our readers. This blog has become quite popular so thank you for your support. I have some excellent news as my company has been selected as a Channel Partner for Sentrigo [...]

April 2010 CPU ~ Securing Java Applications at Design and in Production

Hello, So it is Oracle patch testing time again which includes Java and Applications too, not just the DB, but it’s a good place to start today… The CPU or PSU is available for and above for most installations, though the next CPU is the last one for 9i. Most I think will be [...]

Oracle Wallet AUTO LOGIN ~ common misconception corrected

Hello Oracle Security interested people, The generic problem of how to automatically invoke an SQL script remotely whilst keeping the password secret from other users of the client OS, is not as trivial as it may at first sound. Consider the common scenario where an SQL script is currently ran from SQL*PLUS invoked from a [...]