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Checksumming Presentation

Hello Folks,
I have just been asked for a copy of the UKOUG presentation I gave in December at Brimingham as the person asking could not find it on UKOUG’s site so here it is. The UKOUG site is being updated so this may explain the current difficulty finding recent papers as the last two year’s conferences were not on there when I looked. In January, I moved work place to the centre of London at Here is some information about Betfair and Oracle
Also this is the Head of our Security Department at Betfair Adrian Asher.

As an aside, for Imperva users out there, I noticed that there is an alert on Bugtraq for Imperva SecureSphere . The solution is to upgrade to version 6.0. This is an important upgrade as it fixes a number of problems with version 5.0.

General release of the Oracle Forensics book is in May.
If you want a reviewer’s copy just send me an email to

David’s book will also be out this year as well so promising to be an eventful year.

From a general IT Security point of view I think the role of IT Security in the political process is an interesting one and from a strategic level this presentation may provide some relief from Infosec.

My next presentation is at SANS Orlando, with Stephen Northcutt, on Java Security so I had better get back to writing it..

Take care, have a great Easter and don’t forget to set the clocks forward on the 30th.

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